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Start with a shoe

Let's start with a shoe.  Some shoes are much better suited to being customized than others.  Your options aren't limited to these choices however, these are some popular models that work very well.  We can work on a variety of shoes, sneakers, purses and sandals.  Clicking on the pictures below will send you to their website.   

add colour

Think of colours, logos, themes, names and other things you want to appear on the shoe.  This part is going to have the most effect on the price.  Artwork can take anywhere from 6 to 50 hours or more.  

Contact Us!

Once you know you what shoe and size you want and have some basic design, colour and theme ideas, reach out to us!  

From there we will take a deposit, buy your shoe (or you can send it to us) and we will schedule your artwork and give you a completion timeline.  


Once you know what shoe and size you want and have some basic design ideas, reach out to us!

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Thanks for contacting us!

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